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    @lyngberg7 Sorry Luke.. I thought you were Luke Van Lunenberg which is why I said long time 🙂

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    @prezens1 Nice badges

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    @admin Hi Alicia, I can't seem to access the USA travel guide page. "To access this content, you must purchase an AUBD Select Squad Membership by going to Shop located in the Title Bar or log in if you are a member." Any suggestions are welcome Don't want to miss out on important information / requirement Kind Regards Sue

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    @sedalethreatt Hello Sedale Jr, Do we having Training this week?

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    @sallyt is this Tom's account?

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    Hi @admin, I accidentally submitted the wrong files for my badges, so I am wondering if you could delete them. Thanks

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    Hey Squad members make sure that you are going over the weekly recap that I posted.. Just some feedback for you on the group's overall performance this week - some important skills were explained and outlined this week and we expect everyone to have a good understanding of these skills as well be able to apply them. Starting this week coming, we are holding each athlete to a higher level of account for being able to execute skills that are covered in previous sessions. As in the higher levels of basketball (and no different in AUBD), coaches tell you something once, maybe twice and expect that you understand and comply. Moving forward athletes making the same mistake continuously will be "reminded" by additional conditioning during the session. Don't take this as punishment. look at this as motivation to get better. We look forward to next week and expect you get to get better everyday. Sedale & Sedale Jr.

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    @oliver thanks you to

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