How To Make Your Own Prom Dress Pattern

How To Make Your Own Prom Dress Pattern – Boy do I have a great before and after for you today! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve already seen it, but I’m so proud of it, so obviously I have to share it here.

My 16 year old daughter Natalie was going to her home school prom! She is such a social doll and totally lives the life of the party so she relishes the occasion. A group of teenagers from church went together and had a good time.

How To Make Your Own Prom Dress Pattern

How To Make Your Own Prom Dress Pattern

But we had a hard time finding clothes. We don’t live in a very fancy city and our shopping options are limited. Natalie just got hired, is in driving school, and dances ballet 8 hours a week, so there was no time to shop in Charlotte. We decided to order a few things from Amazon as a backup plan. Looks like we didn’t have to go shopping because one of them fits her perfectly!

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I was going to completely redo the dress, one thing led to another (hahaha!) and once I started thinking, the vision hit and there was no turning back!

I will share all the details, but let me make it quick and show you the before and after!

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First of all, this is the exact prom dress I ordered. It was very good and made at a very good price! It also has pockets, and everyone loves pockets! You can see that the dress was pinker than it looks in the photo, but it still suits Natalie. He loves a good pink bubblegum.

Free Sewing Patterns For Plus Size Women

We knew we wanted to stop the train. She really didn’t want her dress to trip while she was dancing so it was a no brainer. But she asked if we could pin it to see how it would look with a high/low hem or just tea length. We played around with it a bit and finally decided to take it a step further and make a long tea dress.

I admit I was very nervous! He looked stupid!? However, I found some pictures of tea length prom dresses with big full skirts and thought I would be fine. As soon as I cut the length, I knew I made the right decision. He already looked so cute on her. We made sure to cut it well below the bottom so we could get it to the right length. I don’t have a dress form (although this Dritz dress form is on my wish list right now!) so I used a yard stick and left it on a stool while I measured and marked from the floor to the end. . was

From cloth. I toyed with hand sewing the hem, but decided to use the blind hem stitch on my machine and it came out beautifully. If you are interested, you can read my tutorial on how to sew an invisible sewing machine hem. This is a great time saver!

How To Make Your Own Prom Dress Pattern

And Natalie knew immediately that she wanted to change the belt. At first we thought about buying a different finish, maybe something with pearls. The silver trim was easily removed from the original belt. But as soon as the dress was cut, inspiration struck! It was suddenly very clear that this dress would be 50’s inspired perfection if we used the fabric to cut to make a wide belt and a big fun bow in the back.

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I went ahead and removed the belt and cut the sash diagonally across the cut fabric. It is best to cut the sofa diagonally so that the wearer can sit and the belt does not feel too tight. Natalie asked for a 2 inch belt and I made it the same length as the belt I just removed from the dress. We wanted a professional looking belt and bow, so we made them separate instead of a long ribbon tied around the waist in a messy bow. Stay tuned for a huge bow tutorial!! It’s very, very easy, but a bit controversial because it’s made in two pieces and not really “snapped”. I plan to post it in the next week or two.

Here the spring is clamped in place. The belt was sewn by hand before I made the bow.

To attach the bow to the belt, I sewed it by hand on one end and attached the other end with a hook and bar. It worked beautifully. I stayed in the right place all night.

Of course, I couldn’t resist a photo shoot. This is one of those creative projects that I really enjoyed from start to finish. If you know Natalie, you know how perfect this dress is for her style. She was impressed with how the pixie turned out and said after the prom that the shorter length was definitely the right choice.

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An added benefit of the update was knowing that no one else would be seen in the same outfit! After all, it was from Amazon and she actually said she was one of the people

Sometimes my small sewing space gets to the point where things are crammed into every drawer, I can’t find them easily, and I have too many projects on flat surfaces because there’s nowhere to put them. Garr!

Introducing Ruby Rag Doll with the most beautiful hair and a wardrobe full of interchangeable clothes. You won’t be able to do it alone!

How To Make Your Own Prom Dress Pattern

If you have a lot of WIP, there is hope! Read my tips on how to become a decorator.

Formal Dress Pattern

I recently had the most fun making a little word quilt, so I had to share it with a list of great patterns and book options for sewing your own alphabet letter quilt blocks. You will feel wonderful. Knitted maxi dress. Choose your favorite pattern, solid or textured fabric for this elegant maxi dress sewing pattern. This all-season style will become a staple in your wardrobe.

The best styles can be dressed up or down. If you create it with satin, it can become a beautiful wedding dress, bridesmaid dress or prom dress. Made of cotton, it can be more casual and can be worn all summer!

~ Use this formal dress pattern with medium weight material. I used cotton for an easy-care dress for special occasions!

~ A serger or overlock is always better; However, this is not a requirement for this model. If you want, you can zigzag the edges with a sewing machine.

Simplicity #5097 Ladies Strapless Two Piece Bridal Prom Gown Pattern 12 18 Ff

~ Depending on the fabric you choose, this formal dress pattern can be worn for special occasions or dressed up for more casual events!

~ This is a formal dress PDF sewing pattern that you print to use. Once payment is confirmed, you can immediately download the template as two files! After downloading the template, you can print the pattern on Letter or A4 paper.

~ I try to make easy to follow instructions with simple words to make sewing a fun project! All model parts are professionally drawn using CAD (Computer Aided Design) drawings to ensure professional quality. Clear, step-by-step photos are provided for each sewing step.

How To Make Your Own Prom Dress Pattern

~ When you buy from Gina Renee Designs, you’re supporting women-owned small businesses! More importantly, you’ll get a professional quality product to make the clothes you love!

How To Shorten A Formal Dress

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