How Do You Know If Youre Falling Out Of Love

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Stacey Laura Lloyd is an author with a passion for helping others find happiness and success in their dating lives as well as their relationships.

How Do You Know If Youre Falling Out Of Love

How Do You Know If Youre Falling Out Of Love

You and your partner were all smiles and passion at the beginning of your relationship. However, after a while, these euphoric feelings wear off and you now find yourself reminiscing about the good times instead of looking forward to the future. If this sounds like you, you ask yourself: Am I losing love?

Falling Out Of Love Signs That Are Undeniable

“After the honeymoon, the rose-colored glasses we’ve been wearing up until that moment start to fade, and we start to see our transition zones for the first time. It’s natural,” says relationship expert Chanel Dokun. Founder of Healthy Minds NYC. “But when we really lose love, the negatives start to outweigh the positives.”

Chanel Dokun is a trained life planner and marriage and family therapist. She is the founder of Healthy Minds NYC therapy practice and founder of Women of Results, a coaching service for women.

Unlike leaving the honeymoon phase of a relationship, which is an important step in taking your partnership to the next level, falling in love means seeing the negative aspects of a person and not being able to move past them. When in love, “We often focus on our differences, fail to find common ground, and see our partner’s flaws as serious character flaws rather than opportunities for growth,” says Dokun.

Remember, just because you feel in love doesn’t mean you don’t care about your partner; it means that the strong feelings you were experiencing are no longer there. You may feel guilty about your lost feelings, but that doesn’t mean you should stay in a relationship that doesn’t make you happy. Even if you don’t want to hurt someone, it’s important to listen to your heart and do what’s best for you and your partner.

Falling Out Of Love

If you’re wondering if your partner is in love or not, watch out for these eight signs.

If you’re not breaking up at the beginning of your relationship, but you’re not looking forward to spending quality time with your partner, it could be a sign that you’re falling in love. On the one hand, giving each other more space can be healthy. If you’re nervously making plans with anyone and everyone’s dreading the upcoming dinner with your partner, it’s time to reassess your feelings.

There’s nothing to feel guilty about, but it’s an opportunity to reflect on your relationship and yourself, and find out if you’re truly in love. Dokun says that may be the driving force behind this change of heart. For example, “Reluctance to see a partner may indicate personal insecurity or a fear of becoming too attached,” she says.

How Do You Know If Youre Falling Out Of Love

It’s exciting when you feel comfortable sharing your deepest thoughts with another person. Openness is a great way to bond with someone, so if you’ve been completely straight and honest with your partner but suddenly don’t want to talk about your feelings, that’s a red flag. .

Brilliant Signs To Help You Figure Out If You’re Falling In Love Or If It Is Just Lust

Worse, if your desire to break up diminishes to the point where you stop communicating with them—also known as “stonewalling”—it’s a sign that your relationship is irreparably broken, Doc says. Connecting with someone you’re dating is a huge part of a successful relationship, so if you’re refusing to talk, not making eye contact, or refusing to talk about your feelings, it may be time to end the relationship.

You may avoid your partner without being passionate about spending time together. You may stay late at work, go to a movie or eat dinner by yourself, or even take a long drive home to avoid staying with your partner longer than necessary. When you are actively looking for ways to be different from your significant other, your feelings for this person have changed, or you are not getting what you need from the relationship.

If you find yourself avoiding your partner, take a step back and think about why. Once you understand your perspective, start an honest conversation. Ask your partner what they need to strengthen your emotional experience if you think your relationship has potential.

Argue, but sometimes you have to strengthen your relationship. Expressing and working through anger and resentment is essential to maintaining a healthy partnership. Otherwise, your negative feelings will turn into hate—another major killer, says Dokun—and damage your relationship with your partner. If you keep quiet about the things that hurt or hurt you instead of talking about them, your resentment can become accepted and slowly eat away at your relationship to the point of breakdown. This is a sign that you are in love.

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If you’re not sure if you’re in love, ask yourself how you feel about your future as a couple. If you feel unhappy or intimidated by the idea of ​​being with your partner for a long time, it’s time to talk to them. First, “process your feelings through journaling, meditation, or even talking to a neutral party like a therapist,” says Dokun. When you sit down to talk with your partner, “share your feelings and concerns about what this means for your future.”

Not looking forward to a future with your partner can be a clear indication of your faded feelings, but it can be more complicated than that. “Feeling hopeless about the future may mean you’ve missed out on meaningful conversations up to this point and don’t know your partner’s desires,” says Dokun. No one has

It doesn’t mean you’re not in love anymore, but it definitely indicates that you need to open the lines of communication.

How Do You Know If Youre Falling Out Of Love

If you’ve been in a monogamous relationship with your partner for a long time, it’s perfectly normal for you to fall in love with someone else—as long as you don’t. You are only human, and you cannot attract others. Your innocent punishment can become a problem if it diminishes your desire for your partner. If you’re thinking about all the things you could do and the people you could date if you weren’t in a relationship, it could be a sign that you’re in love.

Is Your Relationship Feeling Strained? — Healthy Minds Nyc

When someone is in love, “They begin to shift their focus from ‘we’ to ‘me’, primarily to protect their own needs, to look out for their own interests (at the expense of their partner) and to create distance or perhaps dissatisfaction in the relationship,” says Dokun. Constantly daydreaming about being with other people or trying new experiences is a sign that you’re not fully invested in your partner.

Doc. John and Julie Gottman’s theory of the “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse,” or the four dynamics that will lead to its downfall: criticism, stonewalling, defensiveness, and hatred. We have already touched on rejection and hatred; Defensiveness is another harmful communication tactic that shows that you don’t see your partner in a positive light. Being defensive means blaming your partner in any situation in response to criticism or feeling blamed.

When you’re defensive, hearing your partner complain makes it impossible for you to communicate effectively. If you are defensive in most of the conversations you have with your partner, you may not have enough love to keep the relationship going.

No one likes to be criticized, especially not a romantic partner. Four Horsemen. Criticism that is prevalent in your relationship is another sign that you are falling out of love with your partner. Instead of being considerate of their feelings and respectfully expressing their frustrations, you attack their character every time they hurt you or disappoint you. According to Gottmans, criticism often represents progress for the remaining three riders.

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It all depends on whether your criticism stems from dislike of your partner or some other internal psychological battle. This also applies to all symbols above. Dokun says, “Always ask yourself, ‘What fear might affect my partner, and can I overcome it without losing the great love of my life?’ “

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