What Can You Use To Make Your Eyebrows Grow

What Can You Use To Make Your Eyebrows Grow – There’s something empowering about taking your beauty routine—from removing gel polish to coloring your hair—into your own hands. But eyebrows are a completely different game. If you’re used to having your brows waxed, threaded, or plucked by a professional, the thought of grooming or shaping your brows yourself can be overwhelming and, well, a little scary. We sat down with Veronica Tran, founder of Pretty In The City salon in Toronto, and Brae Bellavance, national brow artist for Benefit Cosmetics Canada, to get the best tips for at-home brow care, including how to shape your brows, which is best for eyebrows. your face. .

When it comes to caring for your eyebrows at home, less is more. Both Bellavance and Tran agree that plucking is the easiest way to style your brows yourself, and that more advanced brow shaping techniques like waxing and threading are best left to the professionals. “Tipping is the best form of insurance because you pluck one hair at a time,” says Bellavance. “Waxing removes a lot of hair at once and there are a lot of variables, so it’s more of a gamble – you don’t want your brows to be an experiment.”

What Can You Use To Make Your Eyebrows Grow

What Can You Use To Make Your Eyebrows Grow

All you need to take your brow care into your own hands is a pair of tweezers and a thin brow pencil to shape them.

Wait, How Does Everyone Have Bushy Eyebrows?

The key to success is having good angled tweezers. Tweezerman tools are a popular choice among brow experts, but Bellavance favors Benefit Cosmetics tweezers with a convenient grooming brush on one end.

Good light is also key to getting the best results. “Natural light doesn’t lie,” Bellavance says, suggesting finding a comfortable spot near a window.

You need a magnifying mirror, which distorts your reflection and can easily cause overexposure. To prevent your eyebrows from becoming thinner than intended, use a plain old table mirror.

The best eyebrow style for your face is usually the one you were born with, so it’s important to respect your natural shape. To find the perfect shape, Bellavance suggests drawing in your brows using a brow pencil as a guide. This creates a “box” around your brows that acts as a safe zone, and you can then pluck hairs outside of it without worrying about changing your natural brow shape. Here’s how to find your shape:

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To determine where you want your brow to start, take your eyeliner and sweep it up the outside of your nostril so that it intersects the top of your brow. Use a pencil to mark this point with a line.

To find the arch of your brow, take your eyeliner and, after drawing it along your outer nostril, trace it across your outer iris and mark that spot with a line.

To find where you want the tail of your brow to end, take your eyeliner and bring it to your outer nostril, go to the corner of your eye and mark that spot with a line again.

What Can You Use To Make Your Eyebrows Grow

When you’re done, connect these points with straight lines, being careful not to press the edges too hard. “You want to be able to see your bridge inside that box so you know you’re not digging into your shape when you pluck,” Bellavance adds. If the mapping process seems tedious, Tran’s simplistic trick is to fill in your eyebrows with makeup as if you were getting ready in the morning and call it a shape.

How To Do Your Eyebrows: 5 Steps To Your Best Brows

“When you harvest, the skin should always be taut,” Tran says. “Place your finger at the base where the root is and push it towards the hair growth. This helps minimize pain and ensures that you don’t damage the follicle.

Both experts also say that you should avoid plucking above the arches of your brows and stick to loose hairs under and between your brows when going the DIY route. “You need to take a bird’s eye view to see what that hair on the top of your head is doing for you,” Bellavance says, adding that over-plucking the top of your head can detract from your facial features. If dark, coarse hairs are interfering with your shape, you can gently pluck them, lifting each one with tweezers, and see how your brows look without them. “Even a misplaced hair can ruin the shape,” says Tran. “When in doubt, just let it go.

What’s the secret to those sharp, defined brows you see all over Instagram? “Most often it’s a combination of great brow shape and makeup,” says Bellavance. A thin pencil will help you create the precise shape you’ve always dreamed of. She suggests getting as close to your desired natural shape as possible and sharpening the outer edges of your brows with a few light strokes of the pencil.

Plus, eyebrows are rarely symmetrical, which means you’ll probably need a little makeup magic to achieve an even look. Trying to adjust them by removing hair may result in edges that are thinner than you intended. Changing the natural shape of your eyebrows is difficult and requires precision, so keep your brow shaping simple and leave the extensive reshaping work to an eyebrow artist.

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Like cutting bangs, cutting eyebrows can go very wrong, very quickly. “Your beauty is the focus—one wrong cut can create a dramatic effect, whether it’s a small drop or a hole,” says Bellavance. If you can’t wait until your next salon visit to get your overgrown brows under control, proceed with caution.

First, apply clear gel to your brows, sweeping the hairs upward to reveal their full length. Use small eyebrow scissors (

Kitchen scissors!), remove excess hairs and cut them one at an angle, according to the shape of the eyebrow. “Cut a millimeter at a time and don’t pull on the hair as you cut—it will be much shorter when you let it go,” says Tran.

What Can You Use To Make Your Eyebrows Grow

If you’re not comfortable trimming your brows, Bellavance and Tran recommend investing in a good brow gel to keep unruly hairs under control.

Nano Brows Treatment

Eyebrow tinting—a semi-permanent color that lasts an average of 3 to 4 weeks—gives sparse, faded eyes the look of brows and instantly makes them appear fuller, but like waxing and threading, you should leave it to the professionals. “There’s a science to it: We look at your hair color, hair texture, and brow thickness, and those things can really make your brow color look completely different,” says Bellavance.

Luckily, you can easily fake this well-groomed, vibrant brow shape at home without using DIY dye. “That’s when you break down your colored fiber gel,” she adds. “This is your go-to brow color and will also work if you want to cover gray.”

It takes time to grow eyebrows, so you have to be patient. The first step is to put the tweezers down—you might be tempted to wash your brows between appointments, but Tran says waiting will give your brow artist more room to work, resulting in a fuller, more defined shape. “If you must, just choose too-low blonde hair [below the brow line] and leave the rest. Get hairy.”

If you’re looking to give your arches a little extra love, adding a growth serum to your routine can lead to fuller, healthier brows in the long run. Tran recommends covering your brows with a lash-boosting serum, but Benefit Cosmetics now has its own Hubba Brow Enhancing Serum ($78), which contains provitamin B5 for conditioning and biotin for fuller, healthier brows.

A Step By Step Guide To Eyebrow Mapping

Still unsure about your eyebrow shape? Get the natural, low-maintenance brow look that’s trending right now!

Available in 12 shades, this brow pencil features a fine tip on one end and a brow brush on the other. It’s easy to use.

This color palette comes in six shades and includes two lipsticks and two powders for defined, contoured arches.

What Can You Use To Make Your Eyebrows Grow

This is a new addition to Benefit’s brow line. This oil contains a blend of castor, apricot, sunflower and argan oils to condition, nourish and add shine.

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Keep unruly eyes under control with this popular gel that easily conditions and thickens brows with a cocktail of collagen, oleic acid and wax.

Apply a little product to your brows to enhance their natural color and keep them in place all day long.

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How To Grow Your Eyebrows Back

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