What To Do With Extra Space In Kitchen

What To Do With Extra Space In Kitchen – The kitchen is often a busy place and can be smaller than any other room in your home. But a clean kitchen may still have unused space, and you may be wondering how to fill it with style. You can also be creative and find new places to decorate. Whether you’re moving house or it’s time to make a change, we’ve carefully considered how to stock your kitchen.

The best way to fill the kitchen floor is to find ideas that serve the style and function of the room. You can be creative with the style and space you use, as long as you’re in harmony with the rest of your home’s design:

What To Do With Extra Space In Kitchen

What To Do With Extra Space In Kitchen

There are many ways to organize your kitchen space and make the most of it. But with so much freedom, it can be hard to know where to start. Read on to see how the above suggestions work in a variety of kitchen spaces, from the smallest window to the open dining room.

Small Kitchen Seating Ideas: Pictures & Tips From Hgtv

The windowsill in general can be considered as another shelf, with a few exceptions. First of all, it’s not a good idea to stockpile here. As beautiful as they are, some books can get damaged in water or fall directly into the pool.

But there are still a lot of decorations here that can create organization and style. You can also read the article “What to put on the kitchen window [9 tips]” for more detailed suggestions.

Flower pots and various plants are often displayed in the window. It can just add color and liven up a room. And anyway, these plants need natural light and water. So they are natural.

Fortunately, many flowers and plants can be used to create vertical. Some are quite tall and help to fill the window area. Others can be used to descend from the window, taking advantage of the space below to create a sense of relaxation.

Diy Kitchen Cabinet Organization Ideas

You can also use baskets to arrange plants on the windowsill. These baskets also come in multiple tiers so you can pack smaller plants and flowers. This is another good way to find the verticality of the windowsill.

A window display of edible fruits and vegetables provides colorful decoration and functionality. There are many types of fruit baskets and banana hangers that can offer many styles and levels. Create symmetry by placing a basket at the end of the window.

Now you can worry about natural light affecting your fruit. However, you can use blackout curtains to let in more light, or longer curtains to block out sunlight. The curtains can be tied to the sides, which is perfect if your fruit is sitting at the end of the windowsill.

What To Do With Extra Space In Kitchen

Some ovens may have hoods that hang over the oven. This space is often neglected because it doesn’t fit into the usual kitchen decor. After all, the sandals are often placed on one side, so it can be difficult to decorate it. In addition, some decorations can cause problems due to the heat of the stove.

Ways To Maximize Space In A Small Kitchen — Via D’sa Interior Design

However, most cooking hoods are metal, the stainless steel type is magnetic. Therefore, you can use a magnetic decoration, for example, a jar of precious spices. It will combat awkward corners, increase your storage space and add flair to a simple space.

Your refrigerator is an unusually large appliance, so the top of the refrigerator opens up many possibilities. Here you need durable decorations that won’t pose a risk of falling, and something durable that won’t break if suddenly dropped from such a height.

You can decorate the top of the refrigerator with a clean basket to organize cookbooks. Woven baskets are convenient, and some have room for labels, so you can easily organize your brochures.

You can also use signs, plaques and large metal words on the refrigerator. They can add a lot of character and take up a lot of space without being too fragile or difficult to display.

Smart Kitchen Storage Solutions — Multi Trade Building Services

Upper cabinets are usually placed so that there is enough space for easy use of the worktop, but can still add convenient storage. In fact, there are under-cabinet drawers that can be placed under the upper kitchen cabinets.

In fact, you can even place a cabinet drawer in the unused fingerboard area under the main cabinet. Although you will lose leg room, you can fill all the drawers with dishes, pots and pans.

Upper kitchen cabinets may have unused edges where you can add hanging storage or display shelves. You can install thin racks and match them with any decor or even your books. Add as many rows as needed.

What To Do With Extra Space In Kitchen

There are many commercial ways to increase the space in the kitchen cabinets. This includes the upper row or the main cabinet, but most of the products serve the lower cabinet under the kitchen counter.

Smart Ways To Maximize Kitchen Storage Space

For example, the simplest way to save space is to use pull-out technology, such as pull-out trash cans. They will hide the smell and appearance of the garbage and fill the entire interior of the cabinet. You can simply slide the bin out and back as needed.

Likewise, there is a pull-out spice rack. They can store not only spices, but also other things. This depends on the strength of the rack, but sometimes it can store kitchen utensils or dishes. The pull-out spice rack can also slide in and out of the cabinet for easy access.

Your counter space is where you’ll find most of your decor, but it shares space with appliances and cooking space. Therefore, you can use palettes to organize similar objects in groups. This will simplify the worktop and create a clear barrier when you are busy cooking.

Also, most countertop decorations should be directly on the floor. However, you can also use adhesive hooks, as recommended by the famous brand Command. This allows you to hang decorations on the wall between the countertop and the upper cabinet. Hooks can be used to hang dishes, crafts or towels.

Creative Above Kitchen Cabinet Decor Ideas

Command hooks are also useful because they are easy to remove. If you can’t make permanent changes to your kitchen, you can read the article 14 Effective Ideas for Renovating Your Tenant’s Kitchen.

To effectively fill the corners of the kitchen floor area, you can use a rolling cart. They usually have three levels and have different designs that match the interior design.

You can fill each column of the library with recipes, flowers, or appliances such as blenders or mixers. Rolling carts don’t take up much space, but they do add a lot of space. Also, they are more unexpected than the usual set of floating shelves.

What To Do With Extra Space In Kitchen

It’s easy to forget that every kitchen door can be used for extra storage. This is especially true if you have a pantry door. It is tall enough to be used in the same way as a standard wardrobe window.

Ways To Fill Empty Floor Space In A Kitchen

You can put a spice rack or a hook so that the open restaurant is not empty. You can hang everything from a napkin to cereal and snacks.

And the speaker can have the same relationship with the pantry as with the cabinet. It’s infinitely adjustable because it’s just a thin shelf, but it’s not too tight.

Breakfast can take up a lot of space, so it’s important to use larger ideas to balance the space. A coffee bar can help fill up unused floor space and serve food at a traditional corner table. and chairs.

Cafes often use neutral shades of brown that reflect the look of the cafe. Therefore, drinking coffee is a good way to soften the bright and white kitchen with neutral colors. A coffee shop may also need accessories that help fill the space without being too busy.

Small Kitchen Storage & Organization Ideas

If you have space in your kitchen, there are many things you can add to increase storage and add style. Now that you have 10 suggestions to get you started, you can get inspired and find your own technique or idea. Just remember that it’s practical before it’s trendy, and your kitchen space is only limited by your creativity. Well, this is another kitchen post. Spending my days lately – except for the pool, those days are numbered ;). I’m about to head down – I just ordered the lights and need to finish the painting and that’s it my friend! Then the time came

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