I Found Out My Wife Cheated On Me

I Found Out My Wife Cheated On Me – The American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy released data showing that nearly 20% of men and women of all ages and races surveyed admitted to having had a physical relationship.

At first glance, this percentage may not seem that significant, but when you consider that one in five people on the planet physically cheats on their partner, the statistics become even more surprising.

I Found Out My Wife Cheated On Me

I Found Out My Wife Cheated On Me

This proves that people are not satisfied in their relationships and did not grow up to be adults with enough moral values ​​and self-control.

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It’s sad to see so many people cheating and causing suffering to their faithful partner, but unfortunately the bad news doesn’t end there.

If every fifth person cheated, it would be much easier to find someone who wouldn’t. Most people will find ethical partners and build good relationships with them without much effort.

But unfortunately, finding someone with strong moral values ​​is not always so easy. According to the study, almost 40% of the survey participants admitted to having had an emotional relationship at some point in their lives.

They may not have cheated physically, but they still betrayed their partner’s love and trust emotionally and sexually by talking to someone outside of the relationship.

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If that doesn’t bother you, I don’t know what does. 40% happens almost every minute, which was suspicious at first. But after researching, I found that most surveys show similar results.

Almost every second respondent had romantic or sexual feelings towards another person, and every fifth respondent had sex.

Most people who cheated on their partners admitted it within the first week of cheating, but others admitted it weeks or months later. Most admitted that they felt guilty and believed that their partners had a right to know.

I Found Out My Wife Cheated On Me

People often think they are completely immune to cheating, but in reality, everyone is vulnerable to cheating.

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Anyone can cheat and mislead, but luckily people with good morals don’t do that. Their self-control is stronger than the temptation, so they walk away from the temptation as soon as they realize they are too attached to another person.

People who don’t rationally understand why they shouldn’t cheat (low morality) and don’t have the emotional strength to walk away from it (low self-control) tend to live completely impulsively.

So if your ex cheated on you and you feel like you’re dying, know that it’s not your fault that he cheated. Your ex cheated on you because of his flaws, including low self-esteem, low moral values, low self-control, unhappiness, and a lack of effective communication skills.

When people are in love, they often think that they are the only person on earth who can make them happy. They believe that their partner loves them unconditionally and will always be there for them no matter what.

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Such innocent people usually put their partner first, devote themselves completely to their partner and pour all their heart and soul into the relationship.

There is nothing wrong with investing in a relationship and trusting your partner, but many people make the mistake of investing too much. They put their partners first and neglect or belittle themselves due to low self-esteem and poor personal goals.

This causes them to lose self-esteem and, as a result, become overly dependent on their partner for love, acceptance and happiness.

I Found Out My Wife Cheated On Me

If your partner likes the attention he or she gets, there won’t be much change in your relationship. The couple continues to hang out and stay in love.

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However, if the partner does not like attention and prefers more freedom and independence, the imbalance in the relationship can cause many problems for the couple.

While it is true that strong love can strengthen a relationship, it is also true that too much love can destroy a relationship. If a person who lacks knowledge about relationships and understanding emotions receives a lot of love, he may be overwhelmed by love and end up rejecting love.

That’s why it’s important to love your partner deeply, but not more than yourself. Self-love must come first and stay first no matter what.

If you don’t have healthy self-love and you invest in your relationship much more than you invest in yourself, then this relationship isn’t really a relationship. This is an emotional investment that may end when your partner realizes that your level of investment cannot be repaid.

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Remember that love can only blossom if both parties are willing to give an equal amount of love. The amount doesn’t have to be the same, as some people want less affection than others, but as long as there is a good balance, the love and trust that partners give to their relationship can solidify and strengthen it.

Cheating often occurs at the beginning of a relationship when the relationship is still undefined or after the honeymoon period (4 months or more) when the couple gets to know each other and discover each other’s differences and flaws.

After four months of dating, the mutual attraction and infatuation wanes and the couple finally begins to rely on rationality for the success of their relationship.

I Found Out My Wife Cheated On Me

Without having the rational values ​​(moral values ​​and healthy thinking patterns) mentioned above, it is only a matter of time before a couple becomes vulnerable to stress, arguments, emotional detachment and starts looking for love and comfort. From someone who is willing to give. them.

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When a potential cheater meets another person, they initially have no intention of cheating. They still feel connected to their partner and know exactly what betrayal means to a person.

But when they continue to talk behind their partner’s back and meet new “friends”, they start to get closer to that person.

Eventually, they become so close that they distance themselves from their partners and end up feeling confused and anxious about their relationship.

They know cheating is wrong, but they still can’t resist the temptation to be physical with someone they know. So what happens next is that they enter a testing period where they unconsciously choose the person who makes them the happiest.

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Their relationship has been rocky for some time and since a new person makes them feel better than their partner, any potential cheater will have to cheat and from this point on, it will be negative for the monkey branch relationship.

Sooner or later, they get what they want, betray it and shamelessly rush into a new relationship without remorse or remorse.

Sometimes, no matter how much trust, love, care and attention we give to the person we love, we cannot force that person to remain faithful to us. We can’t do that because there are certain things in life that are beyond our control.

I Found Out My Wife Cheated On Me

Each person can decide what his outlook on life will be and what principles and moral beliefs he or she will hold.

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All one has to do is think about them long enough and often enough for them to become a part of oneself. The more a person thinks about justice, equality, principles of right and wrong, etc., the more these ideas are embedded in that person’s belief system.

But you don’t have to think only about this person. You also have to believe it by giving the appropriate emotions.

Once it becomes part of a person’s belief system, anything that goes against those beliefs, including infidelity, will haunt and reject that person. And thankfully, it stays that way until replaced by a stronger emotion.

Remember that morality can be learned (inherited from an educator) or developed on your own. Parents usually instill in us only basic beliefs (morality). They teach us to be kind, grateful, respectful and humble.

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Unfortunately, they usually teach us little about loyalty, sustainability in romantic relationships, balance of power, and self-control.

It’s a lesson most of us have to learn the hard way. But once you do, you have to 1) be willing to learn and 2) keep improving until the end of time.

What people don’t know is that you can become a good and faithful person simply by thinking good deeds and being faithful. Emotional incentives are needed to maintain/maintain loyalty.

I Found Out My Wife Cheated On Me

The real question is why the 20% of people who physically cheat don’t have a strong reminder not to cheat.

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I think most cheaters treat other people fairly. They have friends and get along well with their families. But when it comes to controlling our impulses and understanding the consequences of our actions, we tend to lose.

They cannot resist emotional urges because they are not afraid of losing what they already have. In other words, they don’t value their partners enough because they prioritize instant feelings and instant gratification.

If your ex cheated on you and left you for someone else, know that not everyone can stay in our lives forever. Some people are just there to teach

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