How To Remove Rust Water Stains From Toilet Bowl

How To Remove Rust Water Stains From Toilet Bowl – How often do you want to say that when someone uses your bathroom? That doesn’t sound good, does it?

Brown toilet bowl stains are one of the most embarrassing and frustrating problems you can have in your home. After all, a poopy toilet bowl is one thing. What’s even worse is getting brown stains that you can’t scrub away with regular bathroom cleaners.

How To Remove Rust Water Stains From Toilet Bowl

How To Remove Rust Water Stains From Toilet Bowl

Instead of struggling to remove this stain, why not prevent it from happening in the first place? You can do this by dealing with the root of the problem: your water.

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This article will explain why hard water tends to cause brown spots and how a fabric softener can prevent it from happening. We’ll also help you clean up brown marks and explore some other solutions if fabric softener isn’t for you.

If you already know you want a laundry detergent, of course we can help. Visit our water softener page below to learn more about the water softening services we offer.

The first step in solving a problem is to identify the source. Contrary to what you might think, those brown spots are not a secret mark left by some cruel god to torture you. In fact, they are a natural product of hard water, which contains a lot of calcium, magnesium, iron ​​​​​​​​and manganese.

After all, these elements make your water hard. And when hard water slides down the porcelain bowl, iron and manganese particles fade the luster and turn the porcelain brown.

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So the next time your guests accuse you of having something unspeakable in your bowl, you can put some science on it by explaining that rust stains are from iron​​​​​​​​​​and manganese they are.

Of course, you don’t want there to be a next time. So let’s work to get rid of that stain!

First we start by removing the ugly brown toilet bowl stain from the bowl. As you know, there are many ways to clean stained toilets floating around the web. And trying to sort these methods out is enough to give anyone a headache!

How To Remove Rust Water Stains From Toilet Bowl

For this reason, we tried to simplify the process for you by dividing it into five best practices: Laiyeoy Toilet Bowl Cleaner Pumice Stone Hard Water Stain Remover With Ergonomic Handle, Powerfully Removes Toilet Bowl Rings,rust &lime,ideal For Toilet Brush/bbq Grills/sink/pool/bathroom【2pack】

The first step in getting rid of brown spots is proper preparation. You can achieve this by doing the following:

As mentioned above, most common bathroom cleaners cannot remove brown stains. The reason for this is that the liquid is not acidic enough. What you need is an acid solution to cut iron and manganese stains and remove them from the toilet.

Of course, we do not recommend using acid solutions only for this work. The most effective acid solution is muriatic acid, but this solution is too dangerous to use at home. It can burn the skin and cause serious digestive problems if ingested. We therefore strongly recommend that you leave the use of muriatic acid to the professionals.

Instead, we recommend treating brown toilet bowl stains with one of the following acidic liquids that are safe for home use:

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One of these solutions, even Coca-Cola, should be able to break up the brown spots in time when it is poured into the bowl.

Bleach and ammonia are some liquids that won’t work. Not only will this not remove the stain, but it can cause serious health problems if ingested in high concentrations. So we recommend sticking to one of the solutions above.

Here it can be difficult to remove brown spots and test your patience. Whichever acid solution you use, you must leave it in the bowl for at least half an hour to be effective. In fact, the longer you can leave the liquid in to do its job, the better. Therefore, a good option is to add it to the toilet before bed and leave it overnight.

How To Remove Rust Water Stains From Toilet Bowl

Of course, it may not be reasonable if you only have one toilet and you may need to use it at that time. So you may have to wait half an hour to an hour before moving on to scrubbing.

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After leaving the acid cleaner as long as possible, the next step is to scrub the brown spots. But don’t just grab a scrub brush and start scrubbing hard to get rid of your irritation. Scrubbing too hard can damage your toilet and make those stains even harder to remove!

When you’re done scrubbing, you can flush the toilet and hope the brown stain washes away completely.

Unfortunately, brown toilet bowl stains are not easy to remove. So your first attempt may not get rid of them completely. Instead, you may have to repeat this process and maybe even try several acid cleaners before your china is white again. So sustainability is important.

But who wants to make this kind of effort every time they clean their toilet? certainly not us! So let’s see how a fabric cleaner can make sure you don’t have to go through this annoying process again.

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If you don’t mind the annoying process described above, a fabric softener might be the solution you’re looking for. As we can see, many detergents can remove iron and manganese from water. The key is finding the right vacuum cleaner for your home’s needs and making it last.

Salt-based water softening systems use a process called ion exchange to remove hard water minerals such as calcium and magnesium from the water. Many systems can also use this process to remove iron and manganese.

Once the iron and manganese are gone, you will get less brown stains and easier toilet cleaning. It’s as simple as that.

How To Remove Rust Water Stains From Toilet Bowl

At Angel Water, we help homeowners identify the best water purifier every day. This process begins with a water test. Our licensed experts can test your home’s water to determine the content and concentration of each. So to help you with your situation, let’s find out how much iron and manganese is in your water.

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Water purifiers usually treat a moderate amount of iron ​​​​​​​​​​and manganese, usually a concentration of up to 5 mg/L. Some systems can handle more, others less. So, based on your water test results, we can determine which model is best for you.

But you may be wondering what happens if you have more iron​​​​​​​​​​​​and manganese than the laundry detergent can handle. The good news is that there are other water treatment solutions that can handle higher concentrations. We will discuss these alternatives in detail below.

The test can also show that iron and manganese are not causing your brown spots. It can also be caused by iron bacteria, manganese bacteria or sulfur bacteria. Again, there are other solutions that deal with these pollutants, and we will see them below as well.

For now, let’s look at an example of a laundry detergent that might be the perfect solution for you.

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Some of the softeners we often recommend to homeowners are the EcoWater ERC3700 series models.

EcoWater is one of the best water purifier manufacturers on the market with some of the most advanced systems available. And the softeners in the ERC3700 series are very effective in removing iron and manganese. In fact, they are proven to remove up to 15 ppm of iron.

In addition, this softener can also remove harmful barium and radium 226/228 from water and has great features such as Wi-Fi and smartphone connectivity.

How To Remove Rust Water Stains From Toilet Bowl

Visit our water purifier page to learn more about the systems we offer and how we can install them for you.

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One last thing we should mention is that laundry detergent is great for removing brown spots, but it’s not magic. You can’t just get softener and enjoy a clean toilet forever without protecting your system. In fact, if the system doesn’t receive proper maintenance, you may start to see rust spots creep back into the bowl over time.

To prevent this, regular maintenance should be recommended by the manufacturer for your system. Most manufacturers recommend that the system be regularly serviced at least once a year. The good news is that a professional company like Angel Water can take this responsibility off your hands to prevent brown spots.

As mentioned above, if your water has a lot of iron​​​​​​​​​​and manganese, a detergent won’t cut it. Laundry detergent also won’t help if you’re dealing with other pollutants that cause brown spots, such as iron bacteria, manganese bacteria, or sulfur bacteria.

Whole house water filters can protect against high concentrations of iron and manganese. The right type of filter will depend on how many of these elements you are dealing with. For example, an oxidizing filter can usually handle up to 15 mg/L and air/filtration should handle up to 25 mg/L.

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No matter what concentration you are dealing with, our team can help you find the right water filter to provide you with iron and manganese free water.

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