Best Type Of Hardwood Flooring For Pets

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If you’re scouring the internet for the best hardwood floors for dogs, chances are your furry best friend has ruined your existing flooring. We understand! Dogs are sweet, adorable, and some of our favorites, but they can definitely leave their…mark.

Best Type Of Hardwood Flooring For Pets

Best Type Of Hardwood Flooring For Pets

But here’s the good news: With so many durable hardwood floors on the market, you might as well pay for hardwood and puppy. You just have to find the right floor!

Best Hardwood Floors For Kids

That’s why below, we’ll show you 10 of our favorite wood flooring options for dogs. Spoiler alert – we also have some very durable faux wood flooring options.

Additionally, we will guide you through some important factors to consider before clicking the “Buy Now” button. So let’s jump in!

Well, before you start googling “how to replace flooring” or crunching the numbers on the cost of wood flooring, there are a few things you need to consider.

There is a lot of information out there about buying hardwood flooring, but it can be difficult to know what it is

Four Best Flooring Options For Pet Owners

What alternatives dissolve in pet urine? What options are available to hide scratches? Which types of flooring are dog-proof and which types are only “dog-proof”? If you have a grumpy puppy, you know

Here’s what you need to consider when choosing a wood floor to resist nail scratches and urine stains (hey, that rhymes!). Janaka Scale: What it is and why it matters

The first thing we want to talk about is Junka’s hardness scale. This is the industry standard measurement certified by the American Society for Testing and Materials, and we use it to measure the hardness of various types of wood flooring.

Best Type Of Hardwood Flooring For Pets

Technically, the metric measures the force required to push a steel ball halfway through a block of wood (cool, right?). Wood hardness is a good indication of the wood’s resistance to surface scratches and dents.

What Type Of Flooring Is Best For Dogs? — Timba Floors & Boards

The higher the Junka grade, the harder the wood. The harder the wood, the more resistant it is to scratches, dents, and dents from puppy paws.

In addition to choosing a scratch-resistant floor, you should also consider choosing a matte or satin finish to hide the inevitable scratches from your dog’s nails. Small scratches are easier to see when the light reflects off the smooth floor.

Additionally, intricate designs on wood floors are a great way to hide and distract from any imperfections or scratches in the wood. If you can’t see it, why is it happening? Choose between solid and engineered wood

Another factor to consider when choosing the best hardwood flooring for dogs: solid wood vs. engineered wood debate. Solid wood is a piece of wood. Engineered wood is made from a thin layer of hardwood overlaid on high-quality fiberboard or plywood.

What’s The Best Way To Clean, Polish, And Protect This Kind Of Natural, Stained Hardwood Floor? (not Sure The Kind Of Wood)

While engineered products offer some clear advantages, the best engineered wood floors can only really be sanded and refinished a few times at most. Solid wood, on the other hand, can be refinished almost endlessly.

If your dog will be running on your floors in the next few years (and we hope they will), then you’ll want to consider refinishing your floors.

Pro tip: If you’re using engineered hardwood, be sure to choose a veneer that’s no thicker than 2mm, just in case you need to refinish it even once! Note: tinkering is no longer common

Best Type Of Hardwood Flooring For Pets

Now, patching is no longer an issue. Factory-finished wood floors are extremely durable (thanks to UV-cured acrylics and the like) and require very little real refinishing. For pre-finished timber flooring, 1.2mm veneer is the industry standard (and thicker). These floors just need a quick resurfacing to make them look like new. Advantages and disadvantages of different materials

How To Choose The Best Flooring For Dogs

We get it…you’ve watched one too many episodes of HGTV and now you’re obsessed with farmhouse wood floors

If you’re a traditionalist who secretly loves carpet (or you’re not too concerned about the cost of replacing your carpet with hardwood), you can buy some peel-and-stick carpet from Home Depot to make an easy replacement. matte floor. If your dog breaks it. Chip and Joanna didn’t need to know. Our lips are locked!

However, on the subject of cost: Note that the physical costs of carpet versus hardwood are surprisingly comparable. So if you’ve always dreamed of having hardwood floors, we recommend you take the plunge!

When you compare items like tile versus wood flooring, you’ll notice a huge price difference. Some types of tile, such as porcelain and ceramic, cost $1.50 to $5 per square foot, making them more economical than regular hardwood. The same goes for concrete floors that look like wood, which can give

Is Waterproof Hybrid Flooring The Best Type Of Flooring For Dogs?

Finally, before we show you a list of the best wooden floors for dogs, let’s talk about installation methods.

If you’re considering a DIY project and wondering how to install hardwood floors, we want to warn you…it’s best to hire a professional to install. Nailed and glued wood flooring can be difficult to install correctly. Additionally, wood floors can be more susceptible to water damage if not properly sealed. If you’re training a new dog, this can be a big deal.

That said, if you choose to DIY your flooring, you’re sure to find the answer. Today, many engineered hardwoods are available for purchase as snap-on flooring.

Best Type Of Hardwood Flooring For Pets

Snap-in floors sit on top of the subfloor instead of being attached to the subfloor, so these “floating floors” are easier to install. What is a subfloor, you ask? This is the layer of wood or concrete under the finished floor. While floating floors have some disadvantages, using the right underlayment can help correct many or all of them. The Best Wood Floors for Dogs: Our 10 Picks

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for is here! Here are some of the best wood flooring options for dogs. As we mentioned before, these top picks are a combination of wood species (aka types of trees) and wood-like products. Of course, these are some

The combination of style and texture offered by waterproof hardwood flooring is unmatched – mostly because of the interior finish. The best waterproof hardwood boards are made with an SPC or HDF core, which means they can withstand the puppy crate better than regular wooden floors. #2. High Density Hardwood Flooring

Is a real killer. When your pets leave paw prints on hardwood, they won’t scratch the finish of the floor. The wood itself becomes compressed, causing permanent damage.

Some companies have responded to this problem by using the strongest hardwood species to create high-density hardwood flooring. It is combined with a UV-cured polyurethane and aluminum oxide finish layer to create a dent-resistant floor.

How To Clean Hardwood Floors Without Chemicals

Finding high-density hardwood can be difficult, as few brands actually carry the material – we recommend checking out Proximity Mills (which also makes waterproof hardwood; read some Proximity Mills reviews to find out more ) and Amaz Floors. #3. Brazilian Walnut (Ipe): Our Favorite Wood Species for Dogs

) There are no exceptions. With a Janka score of 3680, this wood is so strong that it can actually be used as an outdoor flooring option. Talk about sustainability! It’s definitely expensive, but we think it’s a good investment.

In addition to its strength and hardness, Brazilian walnut is relatively resistant to moisture, so puppy accidents won’t ruin your floors right away. Is Brazilian walnut the best hardwood flooring for dogs? It’s up to you – but these are our favourites. #4. Oak: the classic choice

Best Type Of Hardwood Flooring For Pets

Why is oak considered one of the best types of wood flooring? Well, it is one of the most common types of flooring in the United States. Its Junka rating is around 1300, putting it in the middle of the scale. In fact, oak is often considered the industry standard for hardness. Basically, that’s a given. Easy availability and good hardness of oak

The Best Types Of Floors For Dogs And Other Pets

Note: When choosing oak, you generally have two options: red or white. Red oak is warm in color and can be pink, red, or rust. It also has quite a variety of grain and character. White oak, on the other hand, is cool, gray-green, and looks smoother and more uniform. It also changes less than red oak. #5. Santos Mahogany: Because Exotic Trees Make Great Wood Flooring for Dogs

Similar to Brazilian walnut, Santos mahogany is popular, unique, and extremely durable. It has a Junka rating of around 2200, making it stronger than any other type of oak

Pecans! This is a great choice for hickory wood lovers who want more durability for their furry friends. #6. Maple: A solution powerful enough for basketball players

You read that right, maplewood really is the top choice for basketball courts! If hard maple can withstand the stampede of ten athletes (go warriors!), it will definitely last.

Best Pet Friendly Floors For Cats And Dogs

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