How To Clean Soap Scum Off Shower Doors

How To Clean Soap Scum Off Shower Doors – Looking for the best way to clean your shower door? Check out this easy way to clean hard water from your shower glass and make it look brand new!

The shower door seems to be a magnet for hard water and soap scum. Mineral deposits, calcium and lime deposits can accumulate.

How To Clean Soap Scum Off Shower Doors

How To Clean Soap Scum Off Shower Doors

Over the years I have tried many different methods of cleaning shower doors. We have hard water in our house so it gets cloudy and dirty easily.

Soap Scum Information, Prevention, And Removal

Since we have hard water in our house, I have had many opportunities to try all kinds of different methods of cleaning the shower door. Few methods actually work, and most of them involve a lot of elbow grease.

I’ve had luck with harsh chemicals that involve opening windows and running fans. I don’t like strong smells.

A few weeks ago I decided to try my favorite trick for removing stubborn water stains from the toilet bowl.

It cleaned my shower door again without cleaning. So, if you want to clean your shower door, try a scratch-free way to clean your shower door.

How To Clean Glass Shower Doors? Updated 2023

You need a few things to do this trick. You probably have everything you need at home.

This simple, scrub-free method works on stubborn water stains and soap scum to clean shower doors.

Vinegar is the cheapest way to do this, but citric acid is also good if you don’t like the smell of vinegar!

How To Clean Soap Scum Off Shower Doors

Note: Cleaning shower doors with vinegar will not take much of your time, but you will need to soak them. I recommend doing this on a day when you are at home most of the day.

Rain X 16 Fl. Oz. Glass Cleaner Shower Door Repellent 630023

You should start with some paper towels (or microfiber cloths) and a spray bottle full of plain vinegar.

Place paper towels on the shower door and lightly spray them with vinegar. Paper towels absorb the vinegar and stick to the shower door.

Make sure you use enough vinegar to completely cover the paper towels. The paper towel will hold the vinegar on the shower door stains so it doesn’t seep through the door.

Place paper towels on the shower door for at least 30 minutes. You can take back the paper towels and check if the stains are gone.

Mother Shares Incredible Before And After Images Of Her ‘scum’ Covered Shower Glass Door

If they put paper towels and wipe the door. Unless they put the paper towels back in place.

It’s amazing how the stains completely disappear and the door comes clean without scratching! Below you can see the clean area on the door where I removed the paper towel.

If you are in a hurry to clean the door, you can cover the entire door with paper towels. I am

How To Clean Soap Scum Off Shower Doors

I don’t want to waste too many paper towels so I use 2-3 of them and take them to the shower while I clean the area.

How To Get Your Shower Doors Squeaky Clean

Below you can see the before and after of the hard water stain gone and the shower door sparkling! I had an old frosted glass door, but it looks so much better with the new clear glass shower door!

If you have hard water, hard water will back up in the shower door after a few months.

My favorite method is to use this daily shower spray to prevent hard water.

You can use a shower broom. I recommend using it after the last shower of the day with a daily shower spray or a shower broom. Since I got the recipe from a friend at work a few years ago (thanks Kathy!), my soap bar struggles are a thing of the past. I don’t need a scrub anymore! And it’s made with two of the cheapest ingredients you already have.

How To Clean Glass Shower Doors And Get Rid Of Hard Water Stains And Soap Scum

So read on to learn how to make it, and enjoy letting this spray scrub into your bathroom!

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Cleaning has never been my favorite thing to do, and the shower or bath is one of the places I always dread.

How To Clean Soap Scum Off Shower Doors

First, they can be small, awkward places to get into—sometimes I feel like a translator trying to scrub the corners of our shower.

How To Clean Shower Glass And Keep It Like New

I dread spending forever scrubbing soapy scum because I feel like it doesn’t clean enough. So I removed it and removed it and left the sudans alone.

I know it sounds ridiculous to think that you can get better results with such simple ingredients than expensive, complicated store-bought products. But it’s true!

I’ve been using conventional and natural products to clean my bathrooms for years, and I’ve never used anything that dissolves soap like this homemade recipe.

It’s great for cleaning soap scum from shower walls, sides and bottoms of tubs, and glass shower doors!

The 8 Best Soap Scum Removers

(Caution: Do not use this mixture on natural stones such as marble or granite, however—the vinegar will damage the finish. See the recipe below for alternative uses for these types of stones.)

Mix equal amounts of white vinegar and Dawn dish soap in a glass spray bottle, shake well, and you’re done!

You can also heat the vinegar in the microwave or on the stove until it’s warm before adding it to the dish soap. But I have had great results by combining the two ingredients at room temperature and shaking well before use.

How To Clean Soap Scum Off Shower Doors

The mixture is both firm (thanks to the vinegar) and thick (thanks to the breakfast.) Be sure to use a glass spray bottle with a good quality sprayer. Amazon:

How To Clean Soap Scum From Glass Shower Doors

I have had them for a few years now and they are still great! They are also available in a clear version if you prefer:

You can easily add some silicone sleeves underneath to protect against bumps and tears. They have many colors, including the following options:

Shake the spray bottle well, then spray the mixture in the shower or bath. Leave it on for 10-30 minutes, then wipe with a cleaning sponge (<<

Now, if you have a build-up, you may need a little scrub to get it off at first. But once the face is clean, you don’t need to rub it again as long as you use the regular spray.

How To Clean Soap Scum From Glass Shower Doors: 9 Steps

If the smell of vinegar is a problem or you are cleaning a marble or granite shower/tub, cheap vodka can be used as an alternative. Vinegar should never be used on natural stones such as marble and granite as it will damage the finish.

One thing that will surprise you is the smell. Doesn’t this scum remover soap make your bathroom smell like vinegar?

While I’m happy to use an inexpensive, relatively non-toxic (more on that below) and highly effective cleaner, I’m willing to put up with the smell of vinegar when cleaning. This bothers me more than the chemical-laden cleaning products that suffocate me.

How To Clean Soap Scum Off Shower Doors

I always make sure I run the bathroom exhaust when I clean the bathroom, no matter what products I use, and if the smell bothers you, you can open the window if your bathroom has a window.

The 7 Best Soap Scum Removers

If you really can’t get used to the smell of vinegar, you can try using cheap vodka instead of vinegar (see recipe note above). I haven’t personally tried it, but if you do, let me know in the comments below how effective it is for you.

As I mentioned when I shared the easy homemade granite cleaners I love to use, I’m trying to find homemade cleaning recipes that will help me save money and avoid harmful chemicals on my home

That is why I note here that Dawn dish soap did not receive the highest rating in the world from the Environmental Working Group.

Personally, I don’t mind using it in this recipe because (1) I don’t use it very often, unless I have soap build up in my shower or bath; and (2) the alternative I usually use instead of Dawn (castile soap) is ineffective when mixed with vinegar.

How To Clean Soap Scum Off Shower Doors In Houston

But it’s up to you to decide if it has a place in your natural cleaning arsenal. 🙂

If I find a more natural alternative that works well, I’ll be sure to let you know.

I spent what seemed like forever on my hands and knees washing off the nasty soap

How To Clean Soap Scum Off Shower Doors

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