How To Clean Dog Pee Off Hardwood Floors

How To Clean Dog Pee Off Hardwood Floors – If you have a dog, at some point you have to clean the mess off the floor. Urine should be removed from wooden floors immediately, as standing liquid can damage the wood, soak into deeper areas and leave odors. Cleaning up dog urine properly will keep your floors clean and in good condition.

1. Wear gloves to protect your hands. Blot up excess dog urine with paper towels by soaking the paper towels in the urine to absorb the excess liquid.

How To Clean Dog Pee Off Hardwood Floors

How To Clean Dog Pee Off Hardwood Floors

2. Sprinkle baking soda on the urinary tract. Leave the baking soda on the floor overnight to neutralize the urine smell.

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3. Sweep the baking soda off the wooden floor. Close the brush in the vacuum cleaner or raise the brush level to prevent scratching the floor.

4. Mix 1 cup of warm water with 1 cup of vinegar in a bowl. Dip a sponge in the solution and wipe the area to remove dog urine.

5. Wash the floor with clean water and a washcloth. Dry the wooden floor with a towel. Standing water can damage wooden floors.

Contact us here if the floor looks dirty. Avoid using harsh cleaners and detergents on wooden floors as they can scratch them. Even a well-trained dog can have accidents. But your precious Fido might prefer a place as precious as his misfortune—like paddling on the polished surface of your hardwood floor. Whether you’ve adopted a new puppy and want to be prepared, or you’ve got sticky hands on your hands, here’s how to clean up dog urine on hardwood floors.

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Wood floors are extremely durable, but they are also prone to damage when exposed to water, harsh cleaning chemicals and some natural chemicals in dog urine. Dog urine damage depends on whether you have a sealed floor—a finished floor with a protective coating on top—or an unsealed floor, meaning no finish.

Dog urine is usually acidic, so it can wear down the finish on wood floors; Especially if the urine is allowed to dry. It can leave a stain on the surface, lose its shine and cause discoloration. If you have a leaky floor, dog urine can penetrate deep into the wood and leave a stubborn and unpleasant smell. If the smell is not completely eliminated and the area is regularly replaced with a pad, the constant contact with urine can eventually cause the wood to break.

Keep in mind that many cleaning products labeled “safe for use on wood floors” are not always 100% effective at removing dog urine stains and odors and may stain your wood surface.

How To Clean Dog Pee Off Hardwood Floors

You need to act quickly. It is important to clean up dog urine before it dries and soaks deep into the wood. Be sure to clean up any areas on the floor where urine has been spilled. Dried dog urine can stain floors and leave a pungent, distinctive odor. At this point, methods that cause some damage to your floor may be necessary to remove the stain and odor (more on that later).

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The first step is to immediately wipe up the mess with a paper or absorbent towel. Leave the urine with fresh towels until the towels are dry. Wipe the area with a cloth dampened with water, then dry with a new towel.

Skout’s Honor dog stain and odor solutions are mineral and plant-based and free of sulfates, parabens and other harmful ingredients. Our products meet the highest standards of environmental responsibility and safety. All Skout’s Honor products are manufactured under the California Green Chemistry Initiative. They are rapidly biodegradable, environmentally friendly and free of harsh chemicals, making them safe to use around your pet, family and home.

Our beloved pets may not appreciate the classic beauty of a wooden floor. Or maybe they have it, but then want to tag it and claim it as theirs. Now, when accidents happen, you’re ready to clean them up quickly. A big question we often get is “Can you protect my hardwood floors from pet stains?” If you have hardwood floors and have noticed questionable stains from pet urine damage, it may be due to stubborn pet stains. These stains may be from your pets or from previous families who lived in the house before you. It is also possible that such stains come from people or animals that are not typical pets. Unfortunately, the common culprit in all of these scenarios is urine, and we’re here to tell you what this component does to wood over time.

There are many explanations for the random stains you’ve seen on wood floors. Check out our list of common scenarios and enjoy knowing you’re not alone.

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Are you tired of your home and want to change it without spending too much money? That’s why you decided to rearrange the living room and add new decorations to it. When you move furniture, you find that your pets often use the bathroom in the same place. They are likely to be attracted to this location because it contains signs of past animals. Your pet is now doing what comes naturally to him and trying to mark this territory for himself.

You just bought a new house for yourself and your family. The house has charm and you love what it has to offer inside…except the carpet. The real estate agent told you that there is a hardwood floor under the carpet, so you eagerly lift up the carpet to reveal the beautiful original floor that awaits. But when you pull out the carpet, animal stains appear in random places. Now your anticipation of a new floor has quickly turned to horror.

You recently decided to repaint your wooden floor. As you begin to sand the floor, you come across a spot that looks harmless but emits the strongest smell of stale urine you’ve ever smelled in your life. You don’t know it’s going to be a mask until you sand it into place. Now the smell won’t leave the room and you’re not sure what your next move should be.

How To Clean Dog Pee Off Hardwood Floors

Animal urine consists mostly of water. In addition, water contains the following components: sodium, uric acid, potassium, hormones and metabolites. The main cause of the smell is uric acid. Uric acid is our main problem because it has a crystalline structure that makes it very difficult to interact with other substances. For example, when it hits carpet or wood, it stays there with a very strong bond. Additionally, uric acid is not water soluble, which means that most common household cleaners are not strong enough to really penetrate and break these bonds and remove the odor permanently. Instead, these household cleaners temporarily mask the odor until something like moisture triggers the uric acid bond to strengthen its control and release the odor back.

How To Remove Urine From Hardwood Floors?

When an animal pees on a wooden floor, you need to act quickly to clean it up. When urine penetrates the fibers, it immediately begins to stain the wood. The aforementioned compounds that make up urine are so strong that they immediately stick to wood fibers.

Lastly, pets can be painful. Call us today to discuss your hardwood floor needs and we’ll help you put together a cleaning plan you can trust.

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If you catch the cough and clear it while it’s still fresh, the problem is minimal; Modern polyurethanes are designed to withstand such incidents.

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But as the urine settles and breaks down, it becomes more alkaline and more harmful, and eventually you have undissolved ammonia on the ends and your wood.

This happens if there are carpets or rugs on the wooden floor because they prevent the liquid from drying out and allow it to come into contact with the sub-floor when it cracks.

If you find a fresh pet stain on your finished wood floor and suspect it has been there for more than 4 hours, wash the area with a mild acid such as vinegar, which will remove at least all of the ammonia. Neutralize (which is alkaline). It can be made up

How To Clean Dog Pee Off Hardwood Floors

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