How To Arrange Furniture In A Small Apartment Living Room

How To Arrange Furniture In A Small Apartment Living Room – Apartment Hunting Apartment Living Apartment Tips DIY Fitness & Style Food & Fun Home Decor Off Campus Senior Living

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How To Arrange Furniture In A Small Apartment Living Room

How To Arrange Furniture In A Small Apartment Living Room

Moving to a new home? Reorganizing your existing rental property? Or are you looking for a way to fit your furniture into the living room of your small house? If you need help with furniture placement, I have four furniture placement floor plans that I created to share with you today. Each floor plan can accommodate an apartment with a separate living room on the first floor – a rectangular area of ​​10 meters x 14 meters. While located in the same environment, each floor plan has a different, specific purpose; Choose the right one for your home and we will continue with the planning of the space!

Small Apartment Furniture & Decor Ideas

This particular device is created in a traditional format. The furniture includes a large flat sofa, folding chair, coffee table, coffee table and TV stand. Protect your space with a large area rug, such as an 8×10 foot rug. If you have a TV, find the best spot to watch it from any angle and start designing by placing your TV there.

Next, place your largest piece of furniture – usually a sofa – in front of the TV. Arrange your additional furniture such as chairs and tables around the sofa as shown.

Need a setup that gives you more space? This design is a twist on the traditional layout, but gives you extra living space if you have other people to live with. Instead of a regular sofa, add a small L-shaped sectional sofa with two sliding chairs to the room. Choose an armless recliner that gives you extra seating without adding weight. Adding a large sectional sofa may leave you with no room for a side/end coffee table, but you can fix this by adding a large coffee table with access to a chair from each room.

Some houses and rental houses do not have separate dining and living rooms. Instead, you might want to place your dining room and living room furniture in the same room. This feature solves that problem!

How To Arrange A Small Apartment?

Start by securing each area with a different yoga area rug. In the layout drawing, I used a round table and placed the round table on top of the rug to create a cozy dining room. On one side of the room, I placed an apartment-sized couch, a coffee table, and a wall-mounted TV, along with a small rectangular rug. Hanging the TV on the wall is a great space saver; If you’re not allowed to do this, place the TV in the slimmest TV cabinet you can find to maximize your newly allocated space.

If you are like me, you have small children and want to increase the space for them to play. Children’s toys take up a lot of space! This open concept design maximizes the potential of your living room. Place the sectional sofa in the corner of the room (even if it is against the window, as if placement!) and place two armchairs at the edge of the room. You can see that I put the TV on the wall behind the two chairs; Simply turn the seats to face the TV to watch TV. Otherwise, the sofa area and the coffee table have a view for good communication.

These four furniture design ideas help support four different space planning goals, including traditional styling, more combinations of living, dining and living areas, and open concept layouts. We hope one of them fits the purpose of your small apartment or rental living room and helps you create the best furniture arrangement for your space!

How To Arrange Furniture In A Small Apartment Living Room

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Arrangement Of Small Apartment

So you moved to a place with a small living room. It’s not the end of the world. In fact, some say that a small living room feels more inviting and comfortable than a large living room, so you may be in luck. But you still have one small problem. Organizing all the furniture in this small living room.

Before you start planning your space, there are a few tips to keep in mind when thinking about how to arrange furniture in a small space.

Every place, big or small, needs a focal point to draw attention. Whatever the appearance of the room, the main thing that attracts attention and draws you in. It could be a couch, an accent wall, a large window, or a stunning piece of art. It provides a basis for furniture planning.

The visual weight has nothing to do with the size or actual weight of the furniture. Instead, it refers to how you perceive the weight of the piece. For example, a sofa with invisible legs that appears to be completely on the floor has more visual weight than an equal-sized or large sofa with long or narrow legs. The types of materials used to make a piece also affect its visual weight: a solid wood coffee table has more visual weight than a high-end glass model.

How To Efficiently Arrange The Furniture In A Small Living Room

Neutral is the best paint color to make a room feel bigger than it is. A suitable palette that matches well will make the room look bigger as nothing will distract you from looking at the room.

Designers use all kinds of ideas to make a room feel bigger, and you can too. From letting in natural light to using mirrors to make the space look bigger and using high ceilings to create a sense of openness, there are many ways to make a room feel bigger.

A large sectional sofa is comfortable for some people to sit on, but if it is large and bulky, it can overwhelm the room and make it feel small. Make sure you choose pieces that fit the scale of the room and aren’t too bulky. If you are determined to have a cross section, perhaps a scope weighted with a few sections or a light is fine. It’s not just the sofa: any piece of furniture that looks big in a room makes it feel smaller.

How To Arrange Furniture In A Small Apartment Living Room

There’s no rule that says you have to have a sofa in your living room, and most people can be happy with a few large armchairs and a day or chaise longue. This can be a good choice if a small space is problematic for other reasons, such as poorly placed pipes or valves, or too many corners that make it difficult to place furniture.

Decorating Ideas In A 500 Square Foot Apartment

Before choosing a living room, think about how people usually move around the area. If the flow is constantly moving from one side to the other, it is best to arrange the furniture so that people move around rather than pass through the conversation area.

If a corner dominates your living room, make the most of it. Choose a sofa that fits the space by using it instead of leaving it as dead space. A small cut in the corner can work, but so can others.

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