Best Way To Remove Mortar From Tile

Best Way To Remove Mortar From Tile – As you know, a lot changed in our kitchen last week when we broke down the partition between the conservatory and the kitchen. We assume:

If you missed it, I posted every day this week to keep up with the progress: here, here, here, here, here and here.

Best Way To Remove Mortar From Tile

Best Way To Remove Mortar From Tile

And the readers were encouraged by its progress and how fast. But I’m worried I might have spoiled you – that was part of the job we hired professionals for, and it shows the speed. We’ll do the rest ourselves, and I’ve compiled a to-do list of at least 25 projects that will take a weekend or more to complete. So it will be a long time before we can say that this baby is done!

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However, we’ve made a lot more progress since last weekend’s wall demo, and I wanted to share a little about that today. My dad was in town so we could try building a pantry wall cabinet for the first time. (He’s the genius behind my amazing workbench, so he clearly has some serious carpentry skills, and this is just his first time in cabinetry.) And we have someone take measurements for our new counters, which Also interesting to watch. But I won’t post anything about any of these projects today because this post would be too long. I’ll be back next week to cover that and in the meantime I’ll talk about clay today. oh earth

As you may remember, we were very scared of the floor, and I shared everything and received incredibly helpful feedback from you. Basically in our demo we’re going to have some gaps in the floor tiles and we don’t know how to proceed because we can’t find matching tiles anywhere. Although there were many creative suggestions from your amazing readers, the vast majority agreed that we should bite the bullet and invest in a new floor because we didn’t want to start over.

We decided we were fine with that and thought it wise to get the job done as soon as possible because everything from the kitchen and dining room would have to go back in to replace the floor to make any kind of back room. can start Routine – Instead of temporarily reversing everything, the whole movement has to be done a second time.

Well, that’s not plan A. I made it very clear to him that unlike all the other idiots on the internet who break a tile with a hammer and then deal with multiple shards, here we go. Be very careful with them and remove the sieve to keep things nice and clean. But he tried, and all those other idiots already figured out that it takes about a million years to pick up the tiles one by one. And we had more than 350 square meters to cover and less than a million years to complete it.

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The only downside is that the sledgehammer damaged the floor so badly that 30 years of dirt and debris fell from the basement rafters and covered everything in there (including the kitchen appliances we removed to renovate) – But we will get through it. At some point it became clear.

The next step was for Sam to clean up any tile debris by putting a small amount in our garden waste bin, dragging the bin to the edge of our back deck and emptying the bin into the extra bin liner we bought. We have a small door at the top of the deck which makes it easy to bring luggage and other stuff.

The bagster had a tendency to bend to one side, so we tied it to the deck with rope to keep it in shape.

Best Way To Remove Mortar From Tile

Our very nice neighbor stopped to help us because he heard all the noise we were making and decided we clearly needed help. We don’t deserve you, Gary!

How Can I Remove Old Tile Mortar From A Concrete Floor?

We were happy to see some remains of the old floor still under all the tiles. wowza I can just imagine how it would look with the yellow floral wallpaper we found in the same hall!

After all of the tiles were installed, our plywood sub-floor was covered with a thin layer of caulk that dried.

After about five minutes of Googling, I learned that tile should not be placed directly over wood subflooring, as a thin layer of wood can repel moisture and cause cuts and cracks along the way. But we consulted with our contractor while he was in town and concluded that we should redo this sub-optimal approach because if we installed a backing board as originally thought, it would raise the floor level by 1/ . 4 inch height and unevenness in door jambs, trim, etc. cause all kinds of problems. So we put the tiles directly on the sub-floor, even though we know it’s not really the best course of action.

Adjusting the thick set was a real challenge so we started with a flat surface. I read a recommendation to use a floor polisher and a broom disc, so we rented them from Home Depot and took them home. I completely forgot to take a photo because the experiment was such a failure and I was still building the cabinet at the same time, but here’s a picture of someone else using one successfully:

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In the past, their sub-floor was concrete and ours was plywood – the method they first tried and failed actually worked for us (read on). But I must say, floor polishers and deabrush discs won’t work on wood sub-floors (even though the disc says they can be used to clean hardwood floors). It started eating and tearing through our sub-floor. Basically, it is so strong that it breaks our floor, but it also weakens our floor. great. When Sam returned it to Home Depot, the man told him that the tool rentals were often bad, and that sometimes he would break things on purpose so people wouldn’t be tempted to steal them. I appreciate the honesty, but it doesn’t inspire confidence…he gave us a break and only charged us $70 for the failure when the fee should have been $150. Thank you, I understand?

We then tried to completely cover the substrate with a mop, let the water sit for a while, and then began scraping off the thin layer by hand, one of us using a sieve and the other our metal ice. Scraper.

It was really effective – below is a before and after comparison. I had to change my shoes because my feet were dirty.

Best Way To Remove Mortar From Tile

But it was very slow and very difficult. We had enough trouble finishing the entire conservatory in about three hours and working on the kitchen the next day (Sam spent the last day breaking the tiles with a super heavy trowel. 350 square meters of tile).

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So we did some more research and decided to go back to Home Depot the next day and rent a demolition hammer and electric scraper for $100 (failed at House of Hepworth but recommended by other people, especially for wood). recommended for sub-floors).

It was noisy. It was very difficult. But it almost worked. It was definitely faster than doing it by hand as it was done in the conservatory and I think it would have been a lot easier if we hadn’t worked so hard the last couple of days. Basically we dragged it around the room to hit different good spots and it was done in about 1.5 hours. It won’t be completely flush like our hand-built conservatory, but it should be good enough with a thin layer of tile underneath.

Our kitchen was completely out of control. The number of times we’ve banged our heads against that stupid chandelier is endless. The photos that follow don’t come close to showing the mess, but I like it because after taking it, I feel like Murphy is sitting quietly in the stylish dining room.

After removing the thin film, I spent 1.5 hours cleaning up the rest of the tile and pieces of thin film (including a lot of it hidden under the radiator) with a shop vacuum, then we repainted the larger parts as like an island We can start. Week with a reasonably usable kitchen. i am

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