10th Birthday Party Theme Ideas For Girl

10th Birthday Party Theme Ideas For Girl – Summer is here – it’s time for pool or water-related summer parties. And, tropical vibes are always a favorite for summer parties, including birthdays. So when my client’s daughter turned 10, I had the best parrot birthday party in her backyard.

Let us take you to a tropical birthday party designed with palm trees, pineapples and flamingos for the perfect feel. Tropical colors are chosen in hot pink, lime green, navy blue, orange and white. Some of the main areas I created were the popular dessert table, the children’s favorite photos, the drink station and the dining table. Other design highlights include popsicle stands, party and gift tables, party favors, an adult drinking area, and backyard decorations.

10th Birthday Party Theme Ideas For Girl

10th Birthday Party Theme Ideas For Girl

Let’s start with a very interesting photo area set up in my client’s backyard. We hung a beach towel over a white cloth and there exploded lots of inflatable flamingos, an inflatable pool and a beautiful palm tree. And the flamingo toss did double duty as a game because they had inflatable rings.

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I’m into the little details and having a fun theme is really fun to add to the setup. At the drink station, I sprayed pink pineapples for a surprise decoration, placed a succulent in a pineapple plant, and added Super Cat flamingos and pineapple hollows to drink straws. A huge “drink” with letters hangs on the large palm leaves.

. In addition to welcoming guests with a large lawn ornament from Card My Yard that wished Whitney a happy birthday, Blooms also arranged a large number of 10 pink ombre balloons.

For a quick and easy breakfast – we filled a mini dip inflatable pool with crackers and popcorn.

And now we come to the last favorite part of the party – the dessert table and it is very tropical dessert. We have a pineapple donut wall with cute pineapple toppers on a cinnamon donut. There were also pineapple macarons, cupcakes with cute flamingo toppers, cookies, and chicken on cookies with palm leaves and the letter “ten” to celebrate Whitney’s special birthday. And, we can’t forget about the two-layer cake, with a fringed layer and a flamingo towards the top layer. To finish off the sweet table area – I added “Whitney 10” in large letters and surrounded them with a large balloon garland as well as various sized balloons in the party color. I stuck paper magnolia flowers, flamingos and palm leaves between the bubbles.

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Another fun element we added to the party was a tiki style popsicle bar with a cooler that we placed under the grass bed.

I added some extra fun details throughout the tropical birthday party so guests will have fun wherever they go. They unexpectedly have cute characters that include parrot words and pineapples. . . Like the extra tall stacked pineapple sculpture and the glass pineapple.

A little more in the decorated areas around the backyard, because if you’re anything like me, you enjoy them!

10th Birthday Party Theme Ideas For Girl

I loved bringing the storms to Whitney’s backyard for a wonderful 10th birthday party.

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What’s your favorite tropical element to add to her tropical birthday party? Let me know in the comments and don’t forget to save this batch for your own celebration.

Before you go, sign up for my newsletter below to stay updated and get exclusive access to my full library of free printables and DIYs! Ah, the Big Ten. Ten. You know that double-digit age where most parents are afraid to admit their kid isn’t a kid anymore — but in the middle? 10! She definitely didn’t like cartoon themed birthday parties, but she still wanted a cute and cute birthday theme! It released colors and somehow… grew!

Blush pink, coral, gold and mint are so pretty together! Assembling the tablecloth is easy once we decide on the colors. Trust me…on the color front I’ll try to find a good theme for it!

When we were at Party City, the birthday banner had her colors and cute cats. When the work is done and he loves cats in his theme. For the cake, I went to Safeway and the baker made her a really cute cake! I love the flower crown on the cat!

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Fun tip: buy a cake stand Yes, it’s cool. I can’t believe it took me so long to get this!

I can’t stress enough how much balloons add to the decor! They are affordable and a lot of fun. Party City always has everything you need to complete the theme.

I don’t like to spend a lot of money on decorations because with three kids…it can get expensive. That’s when I turned to DIY! Yes! OK, OK… I know this is more time consuming than buying a DIY, but:

10th Birthday Party Theme Ideas For Girl

I visited local craft stores to find coasters, flowers, and the letters TEN. I painted the letters and base and then hot glued the flower pieces on!

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Another DIY I made were mason jars. I couldn’t believe how easy it was. Yes, it took time, and I mean a lot of time, but it was really easy. I used the same spray paint Krylon Metallic Spray Paint for the gold jar and Folkart Sunset Rose Chalk Paint for the other one. Once that was done, I used clear wax to seal it in! Of course, to make it more beautiful, you need to tie a little thread.

You can’t forget the deserts, it’s easy to add color to the cakes. The set of four white serving plates you see here keep everything clean and visible. It was too expensive at my local store so I found them on Amazon for a great price!

Finally, the party favors are also very easy. Over the years, I’ve learned that kids don’t care how much stuff is in their bags. Pick one or two things they love and get done!

They look cute in plastic bags with gold bows, but are also very cute. They met at a wedding in the city! Aren’t these pink tags that say “With Love and Kindness” great for a baby shower area? Don’t get stuck in the designated lane for birthday parties!

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My oldest daughter loved the result of her birthday party and was very happy! I hope these 10th birthday party decoration ideas help inspire you. I know it must be hard to see your little girl grow up so fast, but she will treasure these memories! Thanks for visiting my blog and until next time!

I’m a lifestyle blogger, wife and mother of three in Washington DC! This blog is my life letters sharing about daily life: all the joys + all the challenges. Let’s relate, conquer, embrace and renew!

[Du vil få] – 73 x 43 tommer glade 10-årsdags könnendekorasjoner, spečet designe for 10 år gamle jenter, vil de lekne rosa dekosionene skape en gratularer med dagen for fersten. Det er eiglich ikke glitterende, bare effekten ave plakatbakgrunnen. [Utsact design] – Mussel n elegant Rosa rosguldesign stable det shop tallet “10” ave lys diamanter, og Rosa palzetter og glitterende diamantelementer legs til one gi n troyed decosjosoples til festenervenervenervenervenergen for. Hot birthdays. [Brad Brook] – Religion 10-Arsdog theme party decoration, con du henge den pa Dorer, balkonger, veger, Windows, gardsplas gjerder, grenner og Andre is perfect for indoor og decoration. At the same time, it is a good photography prop and photography background. [Polyestermateriale] – Polyester, med color print, Lett og Holdbar, washbar, rivesikker og gebrukbar for use. [Enkel å Brook] – Very easy to collect. Våre store plakater har kobberhull I agni könerer og er erössett med tau. You only need to use the attached rope to pass through the copper shell, and you can easily hang it anywhere you want to decorate.

10th Birthday Party Theme Ideas For Girl

We will do our best to ensure that the products ordered are delivered to you in full and in accordance with your requirements. Skulle du enfulstendig motta en eufulstendig bestelling eller André Warren en dem du bestlight, eller hwis du av.

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